REPLAY: Living with your high drive pet gundog

This masterclass will focus on how to harness your dog’s natural instincts rather than fight against them.

Part of our replay masterclass series.

Who this masterclass is suitable for:    

  • Anyone who has a high drive gundog as a pet.
  • Gundog breed owners who struggle to engage their dogs on walks and would like to develop a better relationship with their dog outside.
  • Those looking to strike a balance between a working dog and family pet.
  • Members of the Completely Gundogs membership.
  • Anyone looking to further their knowledge and understanding of how to train their gundogs to working standards.

Collette has three working labs, a springer spaniel (recently adopted at 18 months old) and a chihuahua cross. The youngest lab and springer are both high drive gundogs that need a different approach to training than her other dogs. This personal experience, together with teaching hundreds of these dogs in classes for the last 10 years has given Collette a vast amount of knowledge and understanding of these challenging dogs.  

Would you like your dog to recall every time on walks? 
Would you like your dog to check in regularly?
Do you need help to recognise over-arousal and how to reduce the levels?
Would you like to teach your dog to retrieve rather than just hunt on their own?
Would you like to enjoy watching your dog hunt but be responsive to you at the same time?
Do you want your dog to stop chasing everything that moves?
Do you want to be part of a successful partnership with your gundog?
Are you looking at working your dog and need a plan of how to get there with your high drive dog?  

This masterclass will look at answering these questions. We will explore the motivation behind the behaviours and how to get control over them. This involves exploring the gundog breeds and looking at exactly what they were bred to do. By harnessing these innate behaviours and putting them on cue you will end up with a fantastic relationship, a responsive dog on walks and a happy content gundog. We will look at what exercises to train, types of rewards to use, motivation and the effect of the environment on their behaviour.  

This masterclass is a video replay which you can watch at any time. You will be able to pause, rewind and rewatch the video to make the most of the information provided

Living with your high drive pet gundog


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