Collette May, founder of completely gundogs

Now based in Mid Wales, Collette is a mum of three and the proud owner-founder of Mid Wales Holidays and Completely Gundogs.

Her home is shared with Labrador Retrievers, Benji, Angus, Grace and Harry, plus cheeky Chihuahua Rosie.

Collette regularly takes Angus and Grace picking up on local shoots throughout the season. She is also an avid competitor, taking part in working tests and field trials.

Passionate about gundogs, Collette takes pride in her work by ensuring that her clients' and their dogs' emotional and physical needs, as well as individual training requirements, are all met. She finds it rewarding to help owners train their dogs, to improve their relationship and reduce problems both at home and out in the field, whether working or competing.  

Collette is a full member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and is an accredited Gundog Club instructor and assessor.

Scienced-based gundog training methods

Over the last decade, Collette has dedicated her life to learning about science-based, reward-based gundog training in order to teach her students to train their dogs in a fun, force free and effective way.

Before starting her first training business, Lead & Listen in Surrey, she completed extensive theoretical and practical training with world-class trainers, including Chirag Patel.

Collette has a particular interest in how we can communicate more effectively with our dogs by reading their body language and also by being more aware of our own. People often think their dogs can read their minds, but they are simply watching their every move which helps them to predict what is coming next. Understanding our canine friends is the secret to increased cooperation and general obedience.  

Collette has achieved numerous awards in working tests and is proud to have achieved high standards using positive reinforcement methods of training and without any force.

She believes that training should always be fun and enjoyable for both the dog and handler, regardless of the end goal. Using kind methods will help to build a strong relationship which will become essential when competing or working.

Collette encourages handlers who train with her to use clickers and placeboards to help breakdown the complex tasks into smaller, easier to understand stages, which speeds up the learning for the dog. 

From Lead & Listen to Completely Gundogs

In 2012, Collette set up her Surrey-based dog walking and gundog training business Lead & Listen. At the time, Collette was looking for a new career that would fulfill her passion of working with dogs and fit around family commitments.

Over the years the business grew and developed, offering 121 training, puppy classes, Gundog Club graded training scheme courses, and specialist workshops.

In 2020 Collette moved her family to Mid Wales to set up her new Completely Gundogs gundog training facility which offers residential training and gundog training holidays. She also offers online training and a monthly membership scheme for those further afield.

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