When I got my first ever gundog three years ago, a working cocker, I really didn't know where to start. Luckily I decided to start my training with Collette and immediately felt at ease with her kind and patient ways. As Monty matured he presented me with challenges that made me want to give up at times, but with Collette's experience and help she saw me through it and helped me become a happy and confident handler.
As time progressed Lou joined Collette's team as a trainer and nowadays I train with both and have the best of both worlds. I have become a regular attendee on the training holidays at Collette's stunning new location in Wales and always look forward to the trips with great excitement. I consider both Collette and Lou not just as great trainers but also as good friends and thanks to them I have managed to get Monty to a level where I can enjoy working him on pheasant shoots and take him out rough shooting which was always my dream. Thank you ladies, you’ve got a client for life here!
I have nothing but praise for Collette's teaching. My ESS is a sensitive soul and easily switches off.
Using lots of force free techniques and suggestions from Collette we have made great progress in the last year.
My dog is now engaged, happy and confident and if we carry on as we are, I am sure, thanks to Collette, Speckle will be a great asset in the shooting field next season.

I have been on several gundog courses run by Collette after going to a traditional gundog trainer who made me feel very useless.
Collette has been unfailingly supportive and enthusiastic about my efforts and, despite having a sensitive and rather too keen dog, we have, under her guidance, made huge improvements.
Without her careful, thoughtful and considered instruction I certainly would have given up.
I thoroughly recommend her.
I discovered Collette when my working Lab was about two years old and I was looking for an activity that she would enjoy. We found so much more. Working with Collette and her team has shown me how to train my dog to a level I didn’t know was possible. Along the way, she’s become an even more delightful dog to live with, she’s happier because I’ve learnt how to use her working traits, our bond has deepened amazingly and I have a new obsession with training!
Collette only trains using positive reinforcement / force free methods. As a qualified psychologist, I know the science behind learning backs this up. The team are completely open to learning from other training perspectives and encompass the wealth of skill and knowledge across the spectrum of training styles, often adapting ideas from across the gundog  training world. You will find a warm welcome whatever your background.
Training is structured around The Gundog Club grading scheme which gives nerds like me targets to aim for and many clients shoot with their dogs. Collette’s competing experiences are encouraging some of us to enter working tests. You’ve probably guessed I’m a fan by now! Highly recommended.
I have been training with Collette for nearly two years now and have found the support on offer to be second to none. She uses science-based, positive/ reward-based methods to teach everything from a reliable recall to steadiness, heel work and retrieving.
Having come to Collette with a few 'issues', I was impressed with her incredible ability to come up with lots of different ways to train a skill. She is also an incredibly patient teacher! This has meant that even when we were struggling with the stop whistle, heel work or delivery, Collette has always helped us to find a solution.
The online teaching capabilities and monthly membership mean that even though I am based in Kent, we can still train, albeit virtually, with Collette and other Completely Gundogs members on a weekly basis.
Collette and the team are simply fantastic. They give real insight into the dogs behaviour and teach simple, effective and lasting techniques to allow you to train your dog to the highest standard. I was amazed how quickly Duke, my 2 year old lab, responded and understood. The stress free methods meant he loved every step of his training and he now has merit passes at Grades 1 & 2. Thanks Collette 🐾👍🏻.

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