REPLAY: Adolescent Gundogs with Emma Stoker BA. BSc. CDBC. PACT.

This masterclass will help you to understand your adolescent gundog, how they think, what they do and most of all what they need from us.

Part of our replay masterclass series.

Who this masterclass is suitable for:    

  • Anyone who has recently got, or is thinking about getting, a gundog breed puppy.
  • Anyone whose gundog has reached the adolescent stage, typically 8-18 months old.
  • Members of the Completely Gundogs membership.
  • Anyone looking to further their knowledge and understanding of how to train their gundogs.

Emma has a BA in Education, a BSc in Canine Behaviour and Training and is a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant with the IAABC.

With her show-bred Labrador Elsie, Emma competed in gundog working tests and was awarded the Kennel Club's Working Gundog Certificate.

Today she is currently working through the Gundog Club Graded Assessments with Elsie's daughter and granddaughter, Prue and Sula.

Being the guardian of an adolescent gundog can be challenging.   

They are impulsive, all that training that you did when they were puppies appears to have been totally pointless and your adolescent gundog doesn't seem to be aware you exist when you get outside the back door.  

Let me begin by reassuring you that all of these things are normal. But however ‘normal’ these behaviours are, it can be tricky to know the best course of action regarding your training and expectations during this time.  

Through this masterclass, we aim to help you understand the adolescent gundog better in order to support both of you through this period.   

We will look at brain development during the adolescent phase, why they behave the way they do, and most importantly, what to do about it and what do these dogs need from us. 

We will be identifying and discussing common behaviour problems that arise during this time as well as giving practical advice on training and behaviour modification.

This masterclass is a video replay which you can watch at any time. You will be able to pause, rewind and rewatch the video to make the most of the information provided.
  • Adolescent Gundogs with Emma Stoker


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